Why Use Chat24Now?

No one wants to spend their lunch break on hold with your company (or any other). Live chat is the fastest way to engage your website visitors, creating a personal service for them and, offers trust between you and your potential new client. Every new website visitor we chat with is a potential new client for you. What’s more, they are already interested in your business. The best part? All that’s left to do is for you to follow up!

“To make your business stand out, and improve the customer experience, it’s important to also give your customers access to on-demand customer service.”

What is Chat24Now?

We are a Live Chat Agent service that looks to convert your website visitors into pre-qualified leads.

How Does Chat24Now Work?

Chat24Now monitors your web site 24 hours a day. One of our professional trained live chat agents is notified when you have a website visitor. We then reach out and greet your visitor with the goal of collecting their contact details, and what assistance they are looking for. Once we have collected the required information, we then send their information to you in real-time.

What is a Pre-Qualified Lead?

A pre-qualified lead is when the following information has been gathered from your website visitor:

  • First and Last Name
  • Telephone number
  • Zip Code
  • What assistance they are looking for, for example a ‘slip-and-fall incident where they are looking for a lawyer’.

How Does My Pre-Qualified Lead Come to Me?

Our pre-qualified leads are sent to you via:

  • A warm-transfer via phone
  • Text Message
  • Email

What Area Do You Cover?

We currently operate only in the state of Florida.

What Hours Does Chat24Now Offer?

We are open with live chat agents from 9am to 9pm, Monday thru Saturday. After hours are monitored by our ‘Leave a Message' service, so you never miss a lead sent.

Do I Chat With the Visitor?

No. Our live chat agents chat with your website visitors.

How Long Does it Take to Setup?

We provide a simple set up process and can have you up and running within 3 business days.

How Much is Set Up/Activation?

$0, we do not charge any set up or activation fees.

Is There Any Contracts to Sign?

No. We Operate on a flat fee where you are charged for each ‘pre-qualified lead’. If your website visitor is not pre-qualified, or is an existing client you are not charged. Contact today for a demo and quote.

“Live chat is accessible. With Chat24Now, customers don’t have to spend time searching for contact details or email addresses. They simply land on your website and launch a session.”


“...live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate.”

4.5X Value

“A report by ICMI found that website visitors that engage with your company via live chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors that don’t.”